Marti Cardi

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Marti Cardi is a Senior Compliance Consultant for Reliance Matrix. In 2015 Marti joined Matrix Absence Management to found and lead the Product Compliance Department, which helped ensure that absence management and accommodation services remained on the leading edge of compliance with applicable federal and state laws and industry best practices. Through a global pandemic, proliferation of state paid family and medical leave plans and more, Marti built an all-attorney team equally effective engaging with clients, consultants and policymakers nationwide. Marti herself expanded her reputation as a recognized industry expert and thought leader, as well as a sought-after speaker. She also founded, now Absence Mentor, to provide understandable, actionable insights surrounding employee absence, disability and accommodations. In 2023 Marti reduced her Reliance Matrix responsibilities to a consulting role in which she engages with senior leaders and industry stakeholders on strategic projects. She also continues to write for Absence Mentor.

Marti has been practicing employment law her entire career, starting in private practice with major Denver law firms. She transitioned to in-house employment counsel for a national child-care company and then for Sports Authority, a national sporting goods company. In these roles Marti experienced firsthand the complexity and legal challenges of managing a multi-state workforce. She has now been in the absence and accommodation management field for over 5 years. Marti received her J.D. from the University of Colorado School of Law.