Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Travel Tuesday and PFML Rate Friday

by Shelby Felton, Esq. - Director and Product Compliance Counsel

December 01, 2023


Now that the shopping days since Thanksgiving have passed, it's time to focus on PFML rate changes. Do you spend a portion of every day shopping all 14 of the state PFML websites to see which ones have posted their updated benefits and contribution rates for next year? What about the minimum wage and state average weekly wage changes? The maximum benefit increases (or, Santa forbid, decreases)? Are you subscribed to the newsletters for each of the 14 state PFML departments so that you receive the latest information? If not, we are here to help!

Hawaii is usually the last of the states to announce their changes for 2023 and typically reveals their changes today, December 1.

Late in the day on November 28, 2023, Massachusetts finally released its financial eligibility number for 2024 ($6300, up from $6000) just in time for the required employer notices to go out December 1. The Commonwealth increased its 2024 contribution rate to .88% of an employees average weekly wage, .70% of which is attributable to medical leave and .18% to family leave.

We just learned on November 27, that California SDI and FLI left the 2024 maximum benefit amount at $1,620, as it was in 2023. Cali did increase the 2024 contribution rates for both to 1.1%.

Washington decreased its contribution rate for 2024 to .75% of which the employee pays 71.43%, and the employer pays 28.57%. The family leave premium for 2024 is 48.05% of the total premium and the employee is responsible for the entire amount. The medical leave premium will be 51.95% of the total premium and the employee pays 45% while the employer pays 55%.

Connecticut left its contribution rate holding steady at .5%, but the minimum wage is increasing to $15.69 per hour on January 1 which directly affects PFML benefits.

For all of the states that utilize the Social Security taxable wage cap for PFML contributions, that number is $168,600 for 2024.

All of the above changes and those for the rest of the PFML states can be found in one convenient shopping location at Statutory Disability and Paid Family and Medical Leave Laws.

Reliance Matrix Can Help!

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Through its insurance and administrative services entities, Reliance Matrix offers integrated leave management services involving the FMLA, state-mandated paid family and medical leave and accommodation solutions. Product features and availability may vary by state. For more information, please contact your Reliance Matrix account manager, or reach us at [email protected].