Paid Leave Oregon – It’s Coming!

by Rebecca Ford, Esq. - Product Director - Reliance Matrix

& Shelby Felton, Esq. - Director and Product Compliance Counsel,

May 22, 2023


Paid Leave Oregon ensures employees can take paid time off to care for themselves or their loved ones during life's important moments. We have a special pre-recorded webinar to explore all that you need you know in advance of the go live date. Hosted by Rebecca Ford, Esq. Product Director and Shelby Felton, Esq. Director, Product Compliance Counsel, they will discuss what we know and what you can expect in this more in-depth review of the different parts of Paid Leave Oregon including contribution rates, weekly benefit calculation, and claim procedures.

One programming note, since the production of this webinar, Oregon passed new legislation referred to in the webinar. On May 8, 2023, Governor Kotek signed Senate Bill (SB) 31 which gives the Oregon Employment Department (OED) authority to delay the launch of paid leave benefits if the Paid Leave Oregon trust fund isn't solvent. Being solvent means having enough money to pay benefits. SB 31 requires the OED Director to decide by Aug. 11, 2023, if the fund is solvent and able to pay benefits starting Sept. 3, 2023. If the fund seems like it could be short, the bill gives OED the ability to delay benefits until Dec. 3, 2023, or later if needed. As of May 8, OED's Director did not have any concerns about the solvency of the program.

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