Join us for a timely DMEC webinar on Workplace Accommodations

May 02, 2022


You know, while many of you were outside on the playground during recess, we here at Matrix Radar were inside double-checking our work. We never got to sit with the Cool Kids, but look at us now: After all these, people are still asking us for the answers!

Which is why we want to invite you to join us for The Ins and Outs of Workplace Accommodations, a DMEC sponsored webinar Thursday, May 19, at 12 noon Eastern (9 AM Pacific). We’ll discuss the results of the 2022 DMEC Workplace Accommodations Pulse Survey, along with information we’ve gathered from more than 5 years of surveying employer ADA Accommodation data – all designed to help you understand the landscape and prepare your own organizations for the next wave.

You can register to attend this useful webinar on the DMEC website here.

But wait: Being teachers’ pets has its advantages. Ordinarily, non-DMEC member companies have to PAY to get access to this kind of info. But you, our faithful readers, can sneak in for FREE. Just enter this Coupon Code when you register, and any fee should zero out: 22MATRIX1

See? Aren’t you sorry you picked us last all those times? We turned out pretty cool.

See you on May 19!