DMEC Compliance Conference

March 17, 2022


Good Things Come to Those Who Wait!

And this year’s DMEC Compliance Conference, starting this coming Monday March 21st, is no different! 

Our very own Marti Cardi, Vice President Product Compliance and Lana Rupprecht, Director, Product Compliance will be front and center on the last two days of the program (23rd and 24th).

Wednesday, March 23, 3:15pm
Marti and Lana will be hosting a Roundtable discussion “All Things Accommodation”.

Thursday, March 24, 8:30am
Marti and Lana are at it again with “The Provider Says No Overtime: ADA & FMLA Compliance in the Face of Scheduling Challenges”. Increasingly employees are notifying their employers of medical restrictions that preclude working overtime or limit work during normal shift hours.  In this session, Marti and Lana will identify FMLA and ADA issues employers face when overtime or scheduling becomes an issue such as calculating FMLA entitlement or determining whether overtime is an essential function under the ADA.  As an added bonus, they’re going to be taking you on a little tour of Los Angeles.  Prizes will be awarded (hint: study up on your Los Angeles hot spots!).

Thursday, March 24, 10:45am
Marti will be back as a panelist for an “Ask the Experts” session.  Here you can ask your most challenging questions and you get unfiltered answers. This interactive discussion allows you to have your specific “real-world” questions answered by specialists. Come prepared with your toughest questions and best of all, no billable hours are charged.

Finally, be sure and stop by our booth (214) during the week and chat with a Reliance Standard / Matrix representative.  It’s been too long, they would love to say hi!