Part II: Just for Grins – How Many Leave Laws DOES California Have?

October 21, 2015


Yesterday, observing that having employees in California can be quite a challenge, we reviewed the recent amendments to leave-related laws passed (and vetoed) in California.  You can find that post here.

That started me thinking – how many leave laws DOES California have?  Here’s a list of existing California “major” leave-related laws that we’ve been able to find.  Note that some are quite robust in detail, such as CFRA and the donor leave law, while others have no parameters at all (for example, Firefighter Leave has no eligibility requirements or maximum duration of leave).

1.     Bone Marrow / Organ DonationEmployee is donating a human organ or bone marrow to another person
2.     Civil Air PatrolEmployee is a member of the CA Civil Air Patrol, responding to an emergency mission
3.     Family Military LeaveEmployee’s spouse is on leave from deployment in times of military conflict
4.     Family Rights ActEmployee’s or family member’s serious health condition; bonding with newborn or newly placed child
5.     Firefighter / EMC TrainingEmployee is a firefighter or other emergency volunteer attending emergency training
6.     Firefighter LeaveEmployee is performing emergency duty as a volunteer firefighter, a reserve peace officer, or emergency rescue personnel
7.     Jury DutyTime off to serve on an inquest jury or trial jury
8.     Military TrainingEmployee is a  member of the reserve corps of the federal or state armed forces of engaged in military training, drills, encampment, naval cruises, special exercises or like activity (2 separate laws)
9.     National GuardEmployee is a member of the California National Guard serving active military duty
10.  Personal Protected LeaveEmployee is a victim of a crime, domestic violence or sexual assault obtaining medical care, seeking legal assistance, or taking safety measures (2 separate laws)
11.  Pregnancy Disability LeaveDisability related to pregnancy or childbirth
12.  School ActivitiesParticipate in child’s school activities (2 separate laws)
13.  Sick & Safe LeavePaid leave for employee’s or family member’s medical matters or needs related to domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking
14.  VotingTime off to vote in an election if employee is unable to do so outside of work hours; up to 2 hours is paid

In addition, California has the following laws which do not provide a specific time off right but do provide pay benefits or other directions to employers:

1.     Disability InsuranceUp to 52 weeks of pay benefits for employee’s own disability
2.     Paid Family LeaveUp to 6 weeks of pay benefits for bonding or to care for a family member
3.     Kin CareRequires employers who provide paid sick leave benefits to allow employees to use ½ of the time for family needs

Do you know of other California leave-related laws?  I’m quite sure there must be more. States have interesting leave of absence protections, such as a Texas law permitting leave for ham radio operators (can you say “internet”?) and a Missouri leave for Coast Guard service.  What do you know about California leaves?  And what are your favorite leave laws in other states?  I look forward to your comments.