Do Your Homework on School Activities Leave

September 21, 2015


Q:  What do school buses and lunch boxes have to do with leaves of absence?

A:  A lot, if you live in a state with “school activities” leave.

School is back in session and along with it comes lots of school activities:  parent-teacher conferences, football games, chaperoning the Homecoming dance – and yes, sometimes disciplinary meetings with the principal.  Many employers are family-friendly and voluntarily allow parents to take time off for these seminal events, either without pay or as paid time off (PTO).

But several states twist the employer’s arm and require a certain amount of time off for these activities each school year.

Click here for today’s lesson on state-specific schoolyard rules!

Of course, the list we’ve provided is only a summary of each law.  Many statutes have details such as prior notice requirements, limitations to activities that cannot be scheduled outside of the employee’s normal work hours, and availability only if the employee has exhausted other time off provided by the employer (such as PTO).  Be sure to check the statutes in your state for full compliance.

Happy school days!  Before you know it, your little darlings will be home for winter break!